Who are we?

We are a group of teachers, writers and creative artists. Our mission is to encourage the adoption of the Storytelling Schools method. We believe it is a wonderful and much-needed way to make schools more engaging and effective, especially in areas of social deprivation. Our expert trainers provide training, planning support and mentoring to schools wishing to adopt the method.

Here's what we believe:

We believe that, for children to best fulfil their potential as citizens we need effective, all round education which builds skills in fluent, confident communication, listening, empathy, appreciation, empowerment, satisfaction, enjoyment, motivationproblem solving, thinking, innovation, invention, imagination, inspiration, poetry, singing, music, physical movement, dance, creative writing, as well as learning all about the world through subjects like science, history, geography, philosophy and maths.

In this way children can gain the skills they will need for their future education, employment and life in the wider world.

Meet the team

Chris Smith PhD

Chris is the Director of Storytelling Schools and has been researching and developing the storytelling schools idea for the past ten years. He led the Oxford Story Museum outreach program between 2005 and 2012 and previously worked for UNICEF in the Middle East.

Website storysmith.co.uk

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn

Adam Guillain

Adam Guillain

Trainer and Co-founder

Adam is a co-founder of Storytelling Schools. He is a children’s author, storyteller, trainer and educationalist. Adam has worked with Chris Smith supporting Storytelling Schools since 2007 as a trainer and mentor.

visit www.tinnedspaghetti.co.uk

Kate Barron

Kate Barron

Trainer and Head of Development

Kate Barron teaches at School 21 in London. Kate is passionate about driving forward the storytelling approach in her own school and in others. She has seen at first hand how the approach makes literacy fun and exciting as well as developing children into confident and articulate communicators. Kate enjoys focusing on integrating the storytelling approach with learning based around high quality children’s books.

Jules Pottle

Jules Pottle

Trainer and Science Specialist

Jules Pottle has been in primary teaching for over twenty years as a classteacher, a science primary specialist teacher and a museum educator. Jules uses storytelling in all aspects of her work and really enjoys this imaginative approach to learning. She’s very excited to be adding ‘storytelling trainer’ to her list of roles! In her spare time, she’s involved with a community theatre group and loves being on stage or directing. In fact, Jules likes anything that involves stories and being creative. Jules is co-author with Chris Smith on our book Science through Storytelling. For more information about Jules please visit www.sciencethroughstory.com

Nanette Noonan

Nanette Noonan

Trainer and Mentor

Nanette is a founding associate of Storytelling Schools. She is a trainer, mentor, and works as Literacy Coordinator at Pegasus Primary School, a Storytelling School on the Blackbird Leys estate. Nanette works with schools to adopt the storytelling schools model and has developed detailed schemes for integrating storytelling into literacy learning.

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