We offer training for schools and partnerships of schools in the Storytelling Schools method. Schools wishing to adopt this method will learn the key elements of the system step-by-step:

  1. TELLING: How to tell a story and teach your class to retell it.
  2. DEEPENING: How to immerse your class in the language and content of the story through drama, poetry, song, dance, reading, writing and linking across the curriculum.
  3. CREATIVE WRITING: How to demonstrate and teach writing through shared writing practice.
  4. STORY RECYCLING: How to create new stories from old.
  5. STORY CREATION: How to invent new stories using a simple one-stop-shop for storymaking.
  6. NON-FICTION: How to apply these same 5 elements to the teaching of non-fiction texts.

These are  linked together into a single teaching scheme.

Storytelling Schools teaching scheme - Create - Tell - Deepen - Recycle - Write

We also offer single focus workshops on elements of literacy, oracy and creative learning which can be adopted by teachers in any school.

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