Storytelling Schools

The Storytelling Schools method is a dynamic and creative approach to learning. Our main idea is simple: by learning to tell stories and make verbal presentations, children develop great oral communication skills while mastering the language and ideas they need for subsequent writing. This systematic approach is used for both fiction and non-fiction teaching as well as subject specific projects across the curriculum.

Here's an example of the method in action from Mayflower Primary School in London.

If you wonder what we mean by storytelling, here’s an example of a 5 year old student telling a Shakespeare story by heart.


  • Raising standards in the classroom and narrowing the attainment gap for Early Years, Primary and Secondary settings throughout England and beyond.

People learn better when they are having fun.

  • Our training workshops are interactive, inclusive and playful, promoting full engagement for teachers. They also model the methods that can then be passed on in their classrooms.
  • Stories provide an exciting, creative context for learning, which can engage all students.
  • Our methods also increase parent engagement in their child's learning: a crucial determinant of success.
  • We are a model for effective teaching. By up-skilling teachers we empower them to take ownership of planning and deliver exciting, inspiring lessons.
  • We offer a simple framework, which is easy to understand but is also versatile, allowing for freedom and creativity.
  • We promote fluent language use, rather than rote, word-for-word chanting of texts, enabling children to gain confidence by using their voice in an improvised way across a wide range of contexts.
  • This method, as a consistent whole-school approach, enables shared understanding and collaboration across the school.

Learn how to adopt this system and become a storytelling school. Find out more.

We also offer single focus workshops in Literacy, Oracy and Creative Learning. Find out more.

Follow the links below to watch videos about the Storytelling Schools Method, and views from teachers, children and parents.

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